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Welcome to The Bell Tent Shop..the one stop shop for luxurious canvas bell tents! Buy your beautiful bell tent from our fantastic range, from a Company who know their tents!!!
We sell and hire our luxurious 100% cotton canvas bell tents.  Please see for more information.

There's something magical about our luxurious bell tents... Outside, they're beautiful, natural structures that touch the ground and reach for the sky with elegant and timeless simplicity. Inside, they're a calm, welcoming shelter that's practical, versatile and  supremely stylish, giving warmth in the winter and staying cool in the summer.
Imagine.....snuggling together, laughter all around....excited children in fancy dress,  …sleeping in your own personal sanctuary, listening to the sounds outside,  the trees whispering in the wind.....

The Bell Tent Shop offer you a unique range of high quality, 100% cotton canvas bell tents. We have been selling our beautiful bell tents for over 8 years and know everything about this wonderful yet simple structure that has been sheltering people for over a hundred years.

Our top quality tents are waterproof, 100% cotton and unbleached which regulates humidity and lets the tent breathe.  This ensures that our tents never feel damp or moist inside.

Our tents are much more durable than any nylon or polyester tent and create a warm and cosy romantic vibe due to the subtle sand-like colour of the canvas.

The Bell Tent shop sells only top quality canvas bell tents that have been tested to European standards. 

Our sister company hires out tipis and bell tens across the UK and Europe.

If you prefer to rent a bell tent rather than buy a bell tent then please email for a quote.

Please browse our shop...Happy Camping!!!
(More tents to be added shortly).

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